There are two types of UV HYGIENE environmental and surface sterilization armature that are ceiling and wall modules. Thanks to its modular case structure, it can be used in areas, where humans are actively circulating, by providing the light that only reflects on the wall and the ceiling. This product radiates 253,70nm UV-C rays in order to neutralise and deteriorate DNA and RNA structure of all kinds of viruse included Covid-19, bacteria, microbe, fungi, mold and microorganism. It provides you a hygienic, healthy, sterilized and clean environment.

There is 30w 253,70nm ray radiating UV-C lamps in the UV HYGIENE environment and surface sterilization. In order to increase the effect of the rays, a reflector is applied behind of the lamps. The outer part of the product is made good quality of stainless steel material that gives you opportunity to use for a very long time. Thanks to microwave sensor used in UV HYGIENE environment and surface sterilizer, it automatically turns itself off whenever it detects any creature passes in front of it. It can be opened and closed with the remote control. It is suitable for indirect human use. Only one UV HYGIENE environment and surface sterilizator can sterilize the area between 18m2 and 25m2. One hour of use is adequate for complete sterilization. It has CE certification. Besides, all clinical trials and quality control test was done.

UV-C Rays completely destroy all Viruse including COVID-19, Bacteria, Fungi, Mold and Microbe while it deteriorates dna and rna structure of them. It has been used most widely in the world and has been proven by clinical trials.

Usage Areas

  • All kind of closed areas where there is high rate of human circulation.
  • Governmental agencies and organizations.
  • Shopping Centers, Cafes and Restaurants.
  • Food Production Facilities
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institution and Library
  • Sport and Meeting Halls
  • Hotels
  • Place of worship and so on...