Product is easily applied to all ventilation systems, air conditioners and cold air units. Product is placed in the air ducts appropriately and used in order to clean the infected air (contaminated with bacteria and virus). This product radiates 253,70nm UV-C rays in order to neutralise and deteriorate DNA and RNA structure of all kinds of viruses included Covid-19, bacteria, microbe, fungi, mold and microorganism. It provides you a hygienic, healthy, sterilized and clean environment.

With the help of UV HYGIENE Systems that is applied in ventilation systems; - It offers economical solutions by installing UV HYGIENE probes on your existing ventilation, cold air and air conditioners.
- There is not need for expensive mechanical and chemical mold and bacteria removal methods. Maintenance needs are reduced and maintenance costs are saved.
- Form of microorganisms such as mold, bacteria, virus and so on and their reproduction in ventilation systems are prevented.
- It ensures to keep highest-level performance of the equipments and increase its life span.
- By providing a clean environment, human health is protected.
- Internal surfaces disinfected with UV-C systems protect the heat exchange efficiency of ventilation systems and provides the increase air quality.
- Employee, cleaning, maintenance costs are reduced.

Destroys all kind of virus including Covid-19, bacteria, microbe, fungie, mold and microorganism.

Usage Areas

  • All kind of closed areas where there is high rate of human circulation.
  • Governmental agencies and organizations.
  • Shopping Centers, Cafes and Restaurants.
  • Food Production Facilities
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institution and Library
  • Sport and Meeting Halls
  • Hotels
  • Place of worship and so on...