In order for disinfection with ultraviolet rays to be fully realized, there should be no residue in the water. The water to be disinfected with ultraviolet ray must enter the system clearly. Disinfection with Ultraviolet Systems is the process of neutralizing microorganisms without adding any chemical or oxidant to the water. Thanks to the ultraviolet lamp placed inside a tube-like glass sheath, the dosed UV RAY is given to the water that entering the device. These ultraviolet rays disrupt the DNA structure of ultraviolet microorganisms, allowing them to become ineffective. In this way, an average of 99.9% disinfection efficiency is obtained. Another issue to be considered in Ultraviolet Systems is to be placed as close as possible to the use of the system. Also, the water coming out of the system should not enter a separate unit open to the atmosphere and should be used without waiting. Periodic maintenance is important to achieve good efficiency in ultraviolet units. UV lamp replacement once a year and depending on the raw water, quartz glass cleaning should be done periodically. Failure to do this cleaning will reduce the effectiveness of UV radiation and device efficiency will decrease.

UV-C Rays completely destroy all Viruse including COVID-19, Bacteria, Fungi, Mold and Microbe while it deteriorates dna and rna structure of them. It has been used most widely in the world and has been proven by clinical trials.