UV HYGIENE Ergonomic Led Panel Systems are designed for those who give importance to nice looking of design. Product size is 60x60. Thus, it can easily installed and replaced pre-existing lighting module. On the other hand, it provides a stylish and modern look. It does not reflect UV-C waves directly in environment where people actively circulate and with the help of its fan system, it sterilizes the area thanks to its modular feature. This product radiates 254 nm wavelength UV-C rays in order to neutralise and deteriorate DNA and RNA structure of all kinds of viruses included Covid-19, bacteria, microbe, fungi, mold and microorganism. It provides you a hygienic, healthy, sterilized and clean environment. There is 30w 253,70nm ray radiating UV-C lamps in the UV HYGIENE Ergonomic Led Panel Systems. It provides a safe, healthy and practical solution with its time cycled remote control system. It has CE certification. Besides, all clinical analyzes, trials and quality control tests were done.

Destroys all kind of virus including Covid-19, bacteria, microbe, fungi, mold and microorganism. Besides, It neutralizes odour and smoke.


  • All areas where there are ventilation systems and high rate of human circulation.
  • Governmental agencies and organizations
  • Shopping malls, Cafes and Restaurants
  • Food Production Facilities
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institution and Library
  • Fitness centers and Meeting Halls
  • Hotels
  • Banks